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WOOM is yet one of 3D windowing system project implemented in Objective-C
language, the powerful OO language which is also used in GNUstep project.

WOOM is focused on design more than its utility. Therefore, most stuffs were
put into the UML design and they are available in the document section of
our project website. If there's any further suggestion, please feel free to
submit it to the community channel providing in mailing lists and IRC.
(/me #gnustep freenode, as dumbrobot or dumberbot or dumbererbot even)

Please visit our project on Savannah

(what would happen to the old window manager project?, you asked.
Well... It isn't really dead, but it is no longer called "WOOM" anymore.
Its new name is "KiKaKa" and will remain as my private experiment and may not be released at all.)

(c) Copyright 2002 CSFSUH, anonymous coder