Vampire is a remote package testing tool written in Python. It takes a pool of tarballs (usually Autotools generated), uploads them on several machines, compiles if needed, runs a check sequence (usually make distcheck) and returns the results as a XML file. It is designed to be flexible enough to run checks on differents systems and environments using user specified connection and upload method.


Vampire features:


Vampire lacks documentation. You can retrieve some user and developer documentation in a Vampire tarball or you can generate it from CVS.


The Savannah download area is not working at the moment. Temporarily you can download the lastest Vampire from the LRDE website:

You can also check out the lastest CVS version via CVS page.


Future features we want for Vampire:


You may use the Vampire public mailing list: "vampire-public (AT)" to contact authors


Our Vampire grew up in EPITA Paris, a French Computer Science Engineering School, with the help of the LRDE (EPITA Research and Development Laboratory),

Thanks to Akim Demaille from LRDE.


Check the Vampire project page from Savannah.

Thanks to Savannah for hosting the projet and this website.