TwinLisp Download Area

TwinLisp is a translator on top of the Common Lisp system. Right now you can download TwinLisp that will work on top of CLisp, which is required for installation as well. Current release can be downloaded as a tar.gz file:

Unpack a folder from the file. Check README.txt file. In the shell, change current directory to the unpacked one, and run 'clisp install.lisp'. You will be asked, where a folder with libraries should be placed, where main scripts (tlisp and tclisp) should be placed, and what is the path of clisp (you can get it using "which clisp" shell command). Make sure that you have write permissions for places you give (you may need to be logged as a root). After the installation, check that 'tlisp' and 'tclisp' are executable.

Current installation procedure was tested on Linux and Cygwin (clisp.exe path should be given). It should also work on other unix-like systems.

You may want to also download a syntax highlighting file for KWrite (if you use this program):

The usual place for it is something like "~/.kde/share/apps/katepart/syntax".

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