Station Info

The station-info program searches for and displays AM, FM, and TV station entries from databases supplied by the US Federal Communications Commission (also known as 'the FCC'). The station-info program provides many ways of selecting a collection of stations for display, and several criteria by which these stations can be sorted. Detailed information on each station is available, including an antenna radiation pattern, ownership information, and whatever else seems useful.

The station-info program is available for download from Savannah, the GNU Project's repository of free software. The program is currently available in source code form only. It has been developed and tested on a GNU/Linux platform, but should build without problem on any platform that supports the Gtk+ toolkit and the Gnome libraries.

The station-info program depends on several database files provided by the US Federal Communications Commission. These database files will be downloaded for you when you install the program.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions for improvements (or, better yet, patches to implement these improvements), feel free to contact the author, John Kodis <>.

Main station-info windows

The main station-info windows