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Welcome to STALEMATE at Savannah

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The STALEMATE Knowledge-Based System Design (KBSD) Environment Project involves the development of a knowledge-management tool. Here at Savannah the focus is on the bare-bones system consisting of:

  • a shell-oriented parser for a logical system-design language
  • a deductive inference mechanism acting as an engine for modeling and simulation using knowledge bases
  • a generator allowing cross-compilation toward PROLOG and OKBC-compliant knowledge bases, while supporting template-driven implementation of a class of data-mining and data-warehousing applications in C/C++, Java, SQL and XML

The project's objectives include advancement of:

  • computational logic in the sense of:
    • formalization of and logical methods within software engineering (logic of computation)
    • logic programming (logic as computation)
    • automatic theorem provers and proof assistants (computation of logic)
    • heuristics and neural networks in semi- or undecidable, uncertain and ill-structured problem domains (computation as pragmatic meta-logic)
  • embedded logical inference mechanisms in compilers and interpreters to extend syntactic and semantic processing with program proving
  • Debian GNU/Linux, the HURD, C++/Java and logic programming systems as viable instances of operating systems and application environments
  • methodological extension of logical specification and design of software to hardware architecture and design automation in the course of hardware/software codesign
  • technology transfer via the Free-Software model

Related projects are concurrently being conducted by STALEMATE at the following sites:

  • Mozilla's user- and system-interfacing technology is used to enhance the basic KBSD Environment through the STALEMATE 'Mozillation' effort at mozdev
  • the STALEMATE KDD Lab at SourceForge.net acts as a testbed for applications generated by the KBSD Environment, focusing on the research theme "Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining on the World-Wide Web" and on applications targeted mainly at the horizontal organization in general and the vertical market for computational finance and financial engineering in particular

The KBSD Environment Project is in its pre-development phase and work is currently being conducted on the requirements specifications and roadmap to be released as:

The (latest) software releases, accompanying documentation and further details will be made available via the project information page.