The Sprite32 Project


Originally written by Jeff Read, Sprite32 is a compact, portable, extensible C++ library for developing 2D, sprite-based games and other diversions in an object-oriented manner. In contrast to other free software game development libraries, Sprite32 offers the advantage of an unusual combination of small size and remarkable power. This makes it potentially suitable for development on smaller capacity devices like PDAs and handheld game systems, in addition to desktop and laptop PC's.

Sprite32 is currently only available for 32-bit (hence the name) systems which are Unix-like enough to support X11R6. However, there are currently two renderers available: an X11 SHM renderer and an OpenGL renderer. The library is designed to be extensible to other window managers and graphical subsystems, even bare framebuffer devices if need be, and is also designed as a simple, thin abstraction layer with a small, easily comprehensible API.

This library only deals with sprite-based animation. It does not solve other problems, like sound and music. A multichannel sound library designed to work well with Sprite32 is, however, in the works.


Sprite32 is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (not LGPL). This means any code that you write which uses Sprite32 as a library must also be released under the GPL. This choice of license was made for several reasons:


Planned enhancements, in roughly descending order of importance:

Download section

You may download current Sprite32 releases here.

You may also visit the project homepage to keep abreast of development.

Copyright (c) 2003 Jeffrey T. Read.