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Well, I'm sorry, but I was too busy (and lazy) to build up a good, informative site about the socksbot. There's no documentation here, you'll have to have a look at the sourcecode - Sorry! Someday I'll have some more text to show, but that's it for now.

Wait, here's the stuff I told the GNU-guys:

    The project 'socksbot' is an IRC-related project.

    The goal is to build a working and fast scanner for SOCKS 4/5-servers
    without authentication. The first versions will ist on channels and
    inform the channelmembers of the open relay joining, later it will be
    able to remove relays via kick- and ban-commands, maybe later it will be
    able to link as server to become able to kill and/or run as part of an
    ircd to reject on signon. 

    The final goal is to build an alternative to ircd's socks-check via
    "iauth". And to improve my knowledge of Perl and IRC.

    And to help people to secure channels and servers, of course ;)

    Some sourcecode already exists, you can see it at

And please read the License!

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