SorceryNet IRC Services

Sorcerynet IRC Services is a program that provides an Internet Relay Chat network with nickname and channel registration and protection. The services supplied are NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ, GameServ (a dice-rolling service), InfoServ (for broadcast messages) and OperServ, which has clone detection, global autokill and many other features.

Services are mature -- SorceryNet was founded in 1996, and the services were written from scratch in a combination of C and C++.


Services is Free Software distributed under a modified BSD License.

We currently use CVS for services' configuration management and you can browse the development source tree on the CVS repository here.

Supported Platforms

SorceryNet Services are known to run on NetBSD, FreeBSD and Linux.


The following additional software packages are needed to correctly build and install the services software:

For services to be useful, you also need:


Minimal support is available. If you need this, then you can submit a support request.

Online Documentation

Documentation is currently available in html format

Bug Reports

If you discover a bug or defect in services or ircd, then you may report it using the form here.


See the files section for the project on savannah here for older versions and the complete list of downloads available.

The most recent tarball is services1.4.9.tar.bz2, Jan 30, 2005

Initial release was 1.4.1, released late 2002.

And the helpfiles: helpfiles-1.4.9.tar.gz


See also our project page on savannah.

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