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A simulator for the Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers.

Please notice that this project is in transition. "Simulavr" maintainers graciously let me (Bill Rivet) and Klaus Rudolph co-host our C++ port of Simulavr names Simulavrxx. Since then, simulavrxx has been through significant development. Simulavrxx is distinct from simulavr, they are now separate projects.

Since then, the original maintainers of simulavr have largely moved on. Klaus and I now run this project.

We occasionally get patches for simulavr, and if they are complete, we accept and apply them. We do no development on simulavr though. If you would like to step up,we welcome your involvement.

Having said that, we'd rather see more help with simulavrxx. It has been developed from the start with the idea of being a more comprehensive solution than simulavr was at the point we started simulavrss.

One more point. By and large, I'm only performing administrative activities. Klaus is doing nearly all of the actual simulavrxx development. I'd like to thank him for sharing his work. He was doing this on his own, and has been very patient in letting me try to apply GNU autotools methods to it's build process while also making his contributions publicly available.

For more information on this project, try


Online Documentation

Simulavr Users Manual Simulavr Internals

For a preliminary port of simulavr to C++ performed by Klaus Rudolph check out the homepage and look for simulavrxx.

CVS repository is same as for simulavr, but checkout simulavrxx instead of simulavr. i.e. "cvs co simulavrxx"

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