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- NEWS -
7/23/2006: [.:: Testing Release ::.]
A Testing Release is now available. Some changes in this release:
* Removed dependency of SDL Mixer Library.
* Some changes for portability on AMD64/EM64T platform.
* Minor bug fixes.
Download the release here.

3/2/2006: [.:: 0.32 Release ::.]
SDLHana 0.32 is released. This is a minor bugfix release. See the Project Page for download.

1/31/2006: [.:: 0.3 Release ::.]
SDLHana 0.3 is now released. Changes in this version including some corrections of the Go-Stop game rules, and some minor bugfixes. Download the release here.

1/22/2006: [.:: 0.2 Release ::.]
SDLHana 0.2 is now released. The computer AI works now, and several more functions are also done.
UPDATE: since the 0.3 version is now released, this version has been deleted.

1/17/2006: [.:: First Preview Release ::.]
A very early preview release is now ready. Please note that the SDLHana is still under development, and this is for testing purpose only. This version still lacks many functions (for example, computer AI, etc) and may has many bugs, but it now has the shape and is playable.
UPDATE: since the 0.2 version is now released, this version has been deleted.


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