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SCSS is a Scheme module for parsing, querying, and emitting style information compatible with the W3C Cascading Stylesheets recommendation. While SCSS does not itself provide any rendering functionality, it can provide style information to applications and libraries that do. If used with XML documents produced by SXML or SDOM, SCSS can accomodate the full range of selector types described in the W3C recommendation; it can also match simple selectors against strings when structured document information is not available.

Development status

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The current development version of SCSS is 0.2.2. While the API may be considered function-complete, it may be subject to some syntactical change as we discover and resolve issues in the process of reaching a stable release. See the README and INSTALL files included in the distribution for more information.

There are currently no stable releases of SCSS.

Mailing list

SCSS has a mailing list provided by Savannah for discussion related to development. Visit the list info page for subscription information.


Full documentation is available here.


SCSS is being developed and will be released under the GNU General Public License. See the Free Software Foundation's web site for more information.

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