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Sched is used to synchronize and follow tasks (night job) on environments comprising several hosts. The project does not include scheduler (cron, fcron, anacron etc.)
 The system is composed of one (or several) master (sched_master), of agents (sched_slave) and jobs (sched_job) (organization of task to execute).
 The user can create his job via a gtk program (sched_builder) and can follow his treatments via a web interface (sched_view). Sched will synchronize stop/starting etc. (without using of ssh passwordless account). Via sched_view the administrator can follow each stage with an execution graph (reporting), and will be able to start again part of a job, consult logs, launch job etc...

The application is written in Perl and work with a postgresql database. The job builder uses Gtk, and the reporting tool uses Mozilla, XUL and SVG.

Informations about supported operating systems can be found here.

Copyright (C) 2004, 2005 Eric Bollengier

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