rss2mail - RSS Channel to mail

The goal of this program was to provide a way of "mirroring" a RSS news feed as daily mail batch.

It has become obsoleted somehow by a more recent development by Aaron Swartz called rss2email. His program is much more configurable and up to date with recent releases of Python. So I advise you to check his program first, before trying this one.

If you're still interested, please see rss2mail on for details about the program.

Latest version :

V 0.4 is available (for Python 2.1.1) : rss2mail-0.4.tgz

Previous versions :

V 0.3 is available (for Python 2.1.1) : rss2mail-0.3.tgz

V 0.2 is available (for Python 1.5.2) : rss2mail-0.2.tar.gz

V 0.1 is available : rss2mail-0.1.tar.gz

Development version :

For more recent updates, see CVS section in the project's pages on savannah.

To contact me : Olivier Berger

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