Riverbot Project Development
Please note: this is the Riverbot project development site; if you are looking for the Riverbot online service, visit

Riverbot is a free online river gage information retrieval service for whitewater boaters, with coverage of the continental United States.

The current riverbot website is an experimental application of PLT Scheme, a modern safe, functional programming language. The site itself is hosted on a PLT Scheme webserver, the web interface is driven by PLT Scheme servlets, and the backend robot is written in PLT Scheme.

All riverbot webpages are authored in XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets. Data is maintained in a MySQL database. All river gage information is retrieved from sites maintained by the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Geological Survey.

These web pages are made available in hopes of being useful to the Scheme community, and in order to share the insights gained through the experience of developing Riverbot.

The Riverbot implementation is released under the terms of the MIT/X11 license.
David Van Horn

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