RESTyFUSE: an HTTP filesystem

What is it

RESTyFUSE is a straight HTTP based filesystem service based on FUSE and PHP.

The idea is to utilize a simple webservice that can serve up file content and the appropriate file system meta data to a client side filing system module.

It's not so much an alternative to the various DAV file systems out there as a simple quick and dirty file system.

You can install RESTyFUSE onto a server anywhere you have PHP and mod_rewrite (most Apache installs then).


You'll have to download it from CVS here at Savannah or download the DARCS repository at Tapsell-Ferrier's website.


Please see the README file in the source repository.

Going Further

This seems like a useful piece of work to me. I'm considering building a real Linux VFS implementation around this. Why? Because I want a firewall alternative to NFS for installing machines. I also like the idea of doing my own G: drive.

Nic Ferrier;
Tue Apr 25 00:02:32 BST 2006