What's this?

Ramon is a network monitoring agent, based on the proposed standard RFC-2021. To the authors' knowledge, it is the first open-source and free RMON2 MIB implementation available.

Nice, but what is it after all?

It is a software-based network monitoring agent, which captures (sniffs) packets from the network and accounts statistics as proposed in RFC-2021. It can only capture packets which crosses the network segment it is installed (its collision domain).

Can I use it?

There isn't yet a released tarball, so fetch the sources from the CVS repository. The following CVS tags are available:

HEAD contains the latest stable code
rmon2_0_3_0_pre9 branch for the 0.3.0 release, where work happens

You should use HEAD unless you want to help debugging.

What can I do until then?

Learn more about RMON2 :)
Our research group has published some papers about it:


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