What is it ?

This projects aims at helping desktop users easily design Cron and At jobs. This project may be part of the System Tools of the Fedora GNU/Linux distribution.
The Py@Cron development team is looking for the most open application, in order to let **power** users implement their own type of task for scheduling them in Cron or At system. This is made possible threw a plugin approach and a strong API for coding new task types.
We are also looking closely at providing the most easiest to use GUI to let non-Unix users plan system tasks with a few mouse click. As an example, the user does not have to care about which shedule system to use between Cron and At, Py@Cron provides an abstract view of both to simplify its use.
Its development is based on the Python programming language and the GTK+ toolkit (through the PyGTK binding).


This projects is hosted on Savannah. Project homepage can be found here. If you want to get in touch with this project or meet other users, please subscribe to the Py@Cron user list.