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BugCommunicator is a bug tracking system written in pure Ruby.

BugCommunicator is intended to combine a bug tracking system with a mailing list smoothly, so that you can use BugCommunicator not only as a bunch of bug records but also as a communication between bug reporters and project maintainers.

BugCommunicator is a part of the project PUPA.


Alpha. It has all the basic features already. It isn't tested not so many times.


You can download the releases from PUPA - Filelist in Savannah.

You can get the latest version from the CVS repository. See Savannah CVS Repository, for more information. Also, you can view the repository via the web interface.

Reporting bugs

Please submit bugs to the BTS. Because it uses BugCommunicator itself, if BugCommunicator is too buggy, you may not be able to submit any bug at all. In this case, send e-mail to <okuji@enbug.org>.


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