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Prometheus is a strategical turn based game for 10 to 20 players to be played via email or even via postal mail. Its engine is a C++ program that processes players' orders and produces HTML and PostScript printouts.

Prometheus has been developed by Mathias Kettner since 1993 during his studies of computer science in Munich. It has been licensed to Peter Stevens PostSpiele for several years until Stevens closed down his Play-By-Mail company.

Later on the game and its manual have been translated into English and opened to the public by making it available under the GPL.


The Game

  In the beginning peacefull settlers colonize the unpopulated world. Each player manages a people and starts with one single settlement.
Settlements grow and become cities, new settlements are founded, the world is being explored by foot, wheel and horse.
With the development of the seafaring the civilization enters a new area. The exploration of sea routes, islands and foreign continents brings all peoples nearer together.
Where there are neighbours, conflicts are near. It's important to ensure ones teritories and the resources of the earth. Who is skillful on the field of diplomacy?
Now nobody is able to stop scientific progress any more. It's not so easy to operate the new techics, however. Airplanes need a good infrastructure.
The industrialisation is in full progress. Heavy industry and crude oil resources are the basis of industrial production and thus vital strategic factors.
Many paths lead to victory, also peaceful ones. The key lies in the observation of space.


Author: Mathias Kettner
Graphics: Michael Dragovic
English translation: Günther Brenner
Coordination, marketing: Markus Kobler


You can download and use Prometheus under terms of the GNU General Public License in Version 2 or later.




Rulebook and images (German)

Rulebook and images (English)



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