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Welcome to PUBMED-to-Email, or in short, pm2mail.

The Web has many useful resources, but it takes time to find them. In most developing countries, connectivity is slow, web access is limited and users pay for time spent on-line, which is frequently expensive.

pm2mail is a software tool to allow access to PUBMED - the U.S. National Library of Medicine's bibliographic database - over email. Aditionally, pm2mail is able to retrieve fulltext article from publishers websites and distribute them by email. Currently, some free juornals are uspported, such as BMJ, CMAJ and most BioMedCentral journals.

Testing pm2mail:

For a test drive, please use the main pm2mail server.
on-line at:
or via email to:

(a service of West African Doctors Network).


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HINARI support stopped
21/04/2003. Unfortunately, publishers have not given HINARI the permission to redistribute journal articles in fulltext via email. Thus, support for full text retrieval through pm2mail has been stopped.

Version 0.2
A first beta has been released as version 0.2. Constant bugfixes will be released frequently.

pm2mail logo
Thanks to Lionel Draon, pm2mai has now a nice logo. If you like to incorporate pm2mail into your website or want to direct peoplse attention, feel free to use this logo as a pointer to pm2mail.

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