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Platero is a graphical user interface to the p2p meta network client mldonkey for KDE.

Platero integrates nicely with KDE. It feature list includes elinks for Konqueror, a tray icon, a unified look and feel and much more. Simply check it out.

Currently its developed under GNU/Linux but should work on other UN*X flavors, any usage reports are welcome.

Outstanding features:

  • It's integrated into the KDE desktop. Platero uses the same settings as the rest of KDE. Additionally it offers a system tray icon, edonkey 2000 links for Konqueror, and some other neat features...
  • It's fast and efficient. The main goal of Platero is to provide a cleanly designed, fast and efficient (in terms of memory consumption) MlDonkey GUI.
  • It's Free Software. Everything is free software (GPL) and programmed in C++ using Qt and KDE. Contributions / feature requests are always welcome.


04-11-2003  New CVS SnapShot packages available
A new CVS snapshot package is available for download. There are a tarball package, a Debian package and a RPM package 'alienized' from the Debian one. Enjoy!!

27-10-2003  New screenshots
Take a look at the new screenshots!

08-10-2003  CVS SnapShot package available
A CVS snapshot package is available for download. The major changes are:

* Color selector for downloadrate bar of systray.
* New stats tab for uploads and downloads rates.
* Added elapsed time column to downloading list view.
* Tray icon show if we are connected to the core.
* Moved link from Applications to Internet menu.
* Added Debian menu file.
* Updated gui protocol to version 16.
* Added sourcesList to the info window.
* Added web search with a lot of sites.
* Added network and type selections in search tab.
* Show correct avaiability chunk bar for non donkey networks.
* And of course, a lot of bugfixes.

23-08-2003  Platero 1.0Beta2 (Codename FERIA) released!
Too much changes to be listed here, just check it out!

06-04-2003  Send elinks from Opera to Platero!
- Create a script with this:
dcop platero DownloadIface sendElink "ed2k://$1"
- Save it with the name sendelink
- put the correct permissions: chmod a+x  sendelink
- add in ~/.opera/opera6.ini the following text:
[Trusted Applications]
ed2k=<path to the script>/sendelink
or for opera 7:
ed2k=<path to the script>/sendelink %u
- Under [User Prefs] add:

27-03-2003  Platero 0.1 beta1 released
This is the first release, still beta. Please report bugs!


Debian Package : platero_0.2_i386.deb
Tar Package : platero_0.2_i386.tar.gz


Currently there are no precompiled .rpm packages available. Download the source from our project page and compile it your self (Note that you must have the Qt 3.0+ and KDE 3.0+ headers, libraries and devopment tools installed):
tar zxvf platero-<version>.tar.gz
cd platero-<version>
./configure --prefix=<your_kde_basedir>
su -c "make install"
or you can try the debian package created with checkinstall also in the download area of the project page.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Downloads The downloads tab with the file sources and downloaded files visible.

fileinfo The file info dialog.

Search The network search tab

Search The web search tab

Servers The servers dialog

Tray The tray icon

Settings The Platero settings dialog

Settings The Mldonkey settings dialog

Settings The friends tab

Settings The status tab

Settings The console tab

Victor Romero
Carlos Acedo
Andreas Lauser
Javier Hernández
Manuel Rodríguez