Perl-Fusion: A News Portal System

Perl-Fusion is a Perl version of the popular PHP-Nuke news portal. Perl-Fusion is intended to meet the needs of not-for-profit and volunteer organizations.


Perl-Fusion was originally started by Matt Boeh. Matt turned the project over to Dave Thacker in January, 2003. Matt's work will remain in CVS for the rest of 2003.

Development Philosophy

I'm taking on the project to provide a service to the community and to teach myself (and possibly others) about project managemnent and software design. You could say I'm re-inventing the wheel to discover how and why a wheel works. The end result of this work will be an application that I've wanted to write at several times during my work with not-for-profit and volunteer organizations.


The toolset is based on freely-available technologies and software:

Adherence to FSF Standards

(Matt wrote this. I agree with this point and am keeping it. I am firmly against the use of non-free programs or formats in this system, which makes the use of GIF a no-no. Only PNG or JPEG will be allowed in my distribution.


Perl POD documentation converted to HTML is located here

Contact Information

The Perl-Fusion project page is located at You can contact the project leader (Dave Thacker) at