Peng is the adaptation of the old arcade game PANG.

For the moment, there is no fully playable game, but we are working on it.
The original Pang game, was playable on Atari, Amiga, Game Boy, Super Nes.

Here is the rules of this game:
*You must shoot on bouncing ball whitout being touch by any ball.
*There are 4 sizes of balls.
*Each time you shoot on a ball, it's divided in two other smaller balls.
*When you shoot on the smallest balls, it deseapears.
*You win a level when there's no more balls.
There's also some bonus, which can slow or stop the balls, give other weapons to the player, give a shild to the player, etc ...

For the moment we are only two guys on this project, we are working on the core of the game. We are using OpenGL for graphic stuff, but it's a 2D game.
We are also planing for a 2 players mode network-playable, but we will implement it after the core.

We don't have any graphist for the moment, but we are waiting a fully working core before looking for a graphist. If you want to see some screenshots of the original game on atari, I will soon give URLs of an atari emulator, and of the ROM game.