Open Metaheuristic

Open Metaheuristic (oMetah) is a library aimed at the conception of metaheuristics (i.e. genetic/evolutionnary algorithms, tabu search, simulated annealing, ant colony algorithms, etc.). It follows the adaptive memory programming approach in the design of metaheuristics.

The code design is separated in three components : algorithms, problem and communication. You can easily add your own metaheuristic and test it on the implemented problems, or add your own problem, and use the implemented metaheuristics to solve it. You also have the choice of the way the algorithm and the problem are linked (static link, network, webservice, etc.).

oMetah comes with a set of tools to test and compare metaheuristics, and generate reports. It is mainly designed to handle continuous or mixed-integer problems, often met in engineering applications.

See the project page for more informations.

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Open Metaheuristic is a free software (free, as in freedom, not only open-source), licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Please, notes that this permit use and distribution of the code under certains conditions, read carefully the license.




To compile the project, you will need scons, the software construction tool. Install it, and simply type scons in the base directory.

oMetah is compiling with g++ 3.3.


Check the automatically generated code documentation.


Check the design schemes used at the conception stage :