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Omins is a collection of LADSPA plugins geared at modular synthesizers.

The name comes from Om, but these plugins are not Om specific in any way, and Om does not require them. However most (not all) of them are only really useful in modular systems.

Omins is Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.



Plugins in latest release:

If you find a need for a certain simple utility plugin, let us know and it will probably be added here.


Release tarballs are available in the Savannah Files directory.

Note that most people have been tracking CVS up to this point, if you want to see your requests implemented quickly and be involved in development in whatever way, I suggest you do the same. The Omins module is called (surprise!) "omins".


Related projects:

Om is a modular synthesizer (by Dave Robillard). Omins was created to "fill in the gaps" for Om, as it uses LADSPA/DSSI plugins exclusively for synthesis.

Smack is a drum synthesizer (by Loki Davison) that uses Om and Omins plugins for synthesis.


Omins were created by Dave Robillard, Loki Davison, Lars Luthman, and Thorsten Wilms.

Dave can be reached at drobilla (a.t) connect (d.o.t) carleton (d.o.t) ca

Loki can be reached at loki (a.t) berlios (d.o.t) de

Thorsten can be reached at t_w_ (a.t) freenet (d.o.t) de

Larsl can be reached at larsl (a.t) users (d.o.t) sourceforge (d.o.t) net

We can all be found on #lad as drobilla, LFactor, larsl, and thorwil, generally during whatever time sleep should be happening in our respective time zones :).

Copyright (C) 2005 Dave Robillard. Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire page are permitted worldwide, without royalty, in any medium, provided this notice is preserved.

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