Dataflow Canvas Widget
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FlowCanvas is a canvas widget for dataflow systems.

It consists of a Gtkmm widget containing movable modules and ports which can be connected in various ways. See the screenshots, you'll get it :). Yes, this means FlowCanvas is C++ only. Sorry, C people.

FlowCanvas is Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.


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In order to build and run FlowCanvas you will need Gtkmm and LibGnomeCanvasmm, both of which will be included with any major GNU/Linux distribution.


Release tarballs are available in the Savannah Files directory.


There is full Doxygen documentation in the source tree (including the above OSC documentation). Run doxygen in the top level directory to generate it. I'll put the documentation online "soon".


Related projects:

Om is a modular synthesizer (also by myself) which uses FlowCanvas.

Patchage is a modular patch bay for Jack and Alsa (also by myself) which uses FlowCanvas.


FlowCanvas is written by Dave Robillard. You can reach me at drobilla (a.t) connect (d.o.t) carleton (d.o.t) ca. I can also be found in #lad on irc.freenode.net (as drobilla) more often than is probably healthy.

The Om mailing list is the best place for feature requests, bug reports,

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