Client OSC Namespace Documentation

These are all the messages sent from the engine to the client. Om communication takes place over two distinct bands: control band and notification band.

The control band is where clients send commands, and receive a simple response, either OK or an error.

All notifications of engine state (ie new nodes) are sent over the notification band which is seperate from the control band. The reasoning behind this is that many clients may be connected at the same time - a client may receive notifications that are not a direct consequence of some message it sent.

The notification band can be thought of as a stream of events representing the changing engine state. For example, It is possible for a client to send commands and receive aknowledgements, and not listen to the notification band at all; or (in the near future anyway) for a client to use UDP for the control band (for speed), and TCP for the notification band (for reliability and order guarantees).

Control Band

/om/response/ok - Respond successfully to a user command

/om/response/error - Respond negatively to a user command

Notification Band

/om/client_registration - Notification that a new client has registered

/om/error - Notification that an error has occurred

/om/plugin - Notification of the existance of a plugin

/om/engine_enabled - Notification engine's DSP has been enabled.

/om/engine_disabled - Notification engine's DSP has been disabled.

/om/new_node - Notification of a new node's creation.

/om/node_removal - Notification of a node's destruction.

/om/new_port - Notification of a new port's creation.

/om/port_removal - Notification of a port's destruction.

/om/patch_destruction - Notification of a patch's destruction.

/om/patch_enabled - Notification a patch's DSP processing has been enabled.

/om/patch_disabled - Notification a patch's DSP processing has been disabled.

/om/new_connection - Notification a new connection has been made.

/om/disconnection - Notification a connection has been unmade.

/om/metadata/update - Notification of a piece of metadata.

/om/control_change - Notification the value of a port has changed

/om/new_patch - Notification of a new patch

/om/object_renamed - Notification of an object's renaming

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