oladm : OpenLDAP admin tool

oladm is a tool designed to help administration of an OpenLDAP v2+ server. It features a browser and a configurator with a Gtk interface. This is alpha software, subject to big limitations. See the README file for more info.
It is written in Perl and uses the modules Net::LDAP and Gnome. You must install them before trying to run it.
For the moment it is contained in a unique perl script but is internally built using home made custom compound widgets set in different packages directives. The development is under GPL license.

You can download the application here:
Filename Size Md5sum
oladm-0.2.tgz 42175 octets 5fff7eb4b3d3f6ca1c50f19711c7cf36

Here are some screenshots.
photo of LDAP browser part.
LDAP browser part.
photo of Configuration part.
Configuration part.