What is OCaml-RSS ?

OCaml-RSS is a small Objective-Caml library providing functions to parse and print RSS 2.0 files. The parser can also parse some RDF files, but some fields are not taken into account.

There is still some work to do (add missing RSS 2.0 attributes, add convenient functions).

Have a look at the project page.

OCaml-RSS is released under the GPL license. It uses (and needs) the XML-light library.

This library is used in MyRSS, a RSS aggregator with a web interface.

The CVS version contains a small GTK2 graphical editor for RSS files. See below.

Download and installation

Current release is 0.5. You can download it here.
You can also access the CVS repository.
See the INSTALL file for installation procedure.


Reference documentation (generated by OCamldoc) is here.

Graphical editor

The CVS version contains a graphical editor for RSS files. You need the CVS version of Cameleon2 to compile it. Here are some screenshots.

screenshot main window

screenshot channel edition

screenshot item edition