NiNaR - NiNaR is Not an Rpg

What is NiNaR?

NiNaR is a project of a free, small, turn-by-turn Tactical Role-Playing Game. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License, written in Objective-C, and uses Gtk+.

What are the features ?

Quite reduced. You have one or several characters, and you must kill your opponents, making good use of your weapon. Unlike most T-RPG, it isn't a heroic-fantasy world, but more our less our world.

What's the status?

It's still in early development (0.0.1). Currently, you can only load a map and move two characters alternately until one kills the other.

You can download the game (0.0.1 or CVS version) at the Savannah project page if you wish.

If you're interested, there is also more stuff about NiNaR (screenshots, roadmap, doxygened sources) on my homepage.

This project is hosted by Savannah

Contact: neryel AT