What is it?

Needle is object-oriented functional programming language. It is basically the language that I wish I could program in. The list of features I'm aiming to implement are:

Where do I get it?

You can download the current Needle sources from the GNU Savannah Needle project page. I'd like to thank the fine volunteers at this project for helping me transfer not only the Needle sources, but all the CVS history, too, to their CVS server.

Why did I bother?

I gave a presentation for the LL2 language design workshop explaining why Needle is necessary. You can download the the slides to the talk, or see the webcast.

I've also given a talk at the MIT Dynamic Languages Seminar, and the slides to that talk are also available.

Useful Links

Needle's type system is based on the ML-sub type system of Bourdoncle and Merz, and the type inference algorithm that Danniel Bonniot developed for it.

Neel Krishnaswami
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