What is MyRSS ?

MyRSS is a cgi-bin to create a site where a registered user can enter the URLs of his RSS sources (his channels), so that he can read all his news from this one site.

A cache mechanism avoid retrieving RSS (or RDF) files from the sites each time they are needed. This way, if various users read the same channels (i.e. from the same URLs), then the first one trigger the retrieving of the file, but the second uses the cache (if the cache delay has not expired, of course). So overloaded sites could be less loaded if many users connect to a MyRSS site instead of connecting to the original site.

You can see each of your channels on a separate page, or define groups of channels, to read various channels on one page.

A tool is also provided to create web pages (or piece of HTML) from RSS files.

Have a look at the project page.

It is developped in Objective-Caml.

Download and installation

Current release is 0.2, you can download it here.

You can also access the CVS repository.

See the INSTALL file for installation procedure.