What is MusicReco ?

The main goal of this project is to develop an unsupervised system that translate images of scanned sheets music into a computer playable format. In order to realize such a system, we decide to use a set of computer vision algorithm in a C standard library.

What version can be used ?

This project is in its pre alpha version. There is currently no packaged version of this application.

What is the output format ?

Finally, the LilyPond language is used to generate the music score. Created by Han-Wen and Jan in 1996, LilyPond is a program to print sheet music by way of musical codes contained in a ascii text file format. LilyPond can generate LaTeX and/or MIDI format ; consequently you can produce PS, HTML, PDF, ... or directly play the music by your sequencer or using a program such as TiMidity++.