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The MLK-Tools are a set of scripts I've developed over the years during my time working as UNIX-SysAdmin, in an attempt to make my life easier because I'm "lazy" (I do prefer writting 1000 lines of code than repeating the same command line twice...). I'm still engaged as UNIX-SysAdmin so I think that these utils might be usefull for some other fellows.

To tell the truth, by now they are a front-end for some other UNIX commands, such as tar + gzip, or even for programms developed by others. Whenever I have time, I'll re-code almost everything to make it more "independant".

The tools were/are developed using Korn-shell which is, I think, a good way for achieving things using system-independant tools; so you don't need to have Perl or a C/C++ compiler installed on your box, althought I'm sure that someone would be willing to port this Ksh-stuff to either Perl, Python or any other higher-level programming language. If you do so, please let me know! That would save me some hours of coding :-)


This set of utilities is distributed on an "AS IS" basis, with no warranty of any kind. The Author is not to be held responsible for any use or misuse of this product or the result thereof.


The MLK-Tools are free software released under the GNU General Public License V2 or later.