MDF - "MDF Documentation"


$ perl mdf [OPTIONS] URL


--userSpecify a FTP username (default anonymous)
--passSpecify a FTP username (default
--proxy_userSpecify a proxy username
--proxy_pass Specify a proxy password
--fw_typeSpecify a Firewall type (See readme for supported types)
--startSpecify a starting time for the download
--stopSpecify a stopping time for the download
--blockSpecify a block size in bytes (default 10240)
--verboseVerbose mode
--helpDisplays this message and exits
URLGives the URL of the file that is to be downloaded

Supported Firewall types

There are different ways in which FTP proxy servers deal with authentication. Listed below are the supported schemes. To use a scheme, simply enter the corresponding number next to the --fw_type option.

  1. There is no firewall

  2. USER
    PASS pass

  3. USER fwuser
    PASS fwpass
    PASS pass

  4. USER fwuser
    PASS fwpass
    USER user
    PASS pass

  5. USER fwuser
    PASS fwpass
    USER user
    PASS pass

  6. USER
    PASS pass@fwpass

  7. USER
    PASS fwpass
    USER user
    PASS pass

  8. USER
    PASS pass
    AUTH fwuser
    RESP fwpass