MathMoon — a mathematical game

Unfortunately, I do not have much time for MathMoon development during the autumn and spring. My studies at the Chalmers University of Technology currently take most of my time. Development will continue next summer.

MathMoon is currently (June 2005) beta software. In May 2005 it was tested at the Nybo school in Tibro, Sweden. The results of a survey showed (among other things) that most pupils liked the program.

What is MathMoon?

MathMoon is a mathematical game written by Christian von Schultz, aimed at children between (approximately) 11 and 13 years old. The player has to go through a series of rooms, each holding a mathematical task that must be successfully solved before proceeding. All rooms must be passed within a fixed period of time, for the player to "win".

The program currently runs on GNU/Linux and Windows. However, it has only been compiled using GNU/Linux systems. It is available in Swedish and English, but the English version has yet to be proofread by a native speaker.

This is the plot:

Welcome to the Moon Base of UNSAFE

During the latter part of the 21st century, scientists from all over the world joined in on the United Nations Space And Flying Effort (UNSAFE). The main goal of UNSAFE was to prepare colonisation of other planets, and the first step was to establish a settlement on the moon. Now, some 50 years later, UNSAFE has anounced that their moon base is ready for tourists, and you, naturally, were standing on their doorstep within seconds.

You, the first tourist on the moon ever, have been spending the past weekend on the moon, and have thouroughly enjoyed yourself. This morning however, you wake up to find the building unusually quiet and empty. And there's a strange red light flashing on the wall...

Why, it's a warning message! And it says that everybody must leave the settlement as soon as possible. A meteor is on its way, and will arrive within an hour. The moon has no atmosphere to protect its surface from meteors, so the consequences could be disastrous if it hits the building.

The astronouts have apparently already left. Most of the emergency rockets are gone. There is in fact only one left, and it's located on the other side of the Math Maze, a place where astronouts test their mathematical abilities. Well, what are you waiting for? The meteor is coming. One hour...

Christian von Schultz <>