What is this ?

This page is dedicated to my GNU/Linux applications.
All applications are and will be licenced under the GNU GPL licence.
I'm working on multi-aterm, a multi terminal based on aterm.
You can go trough the site with the left menu.


Version 0.2.1 is just fixes the terminal size problem encountered when resizing the window.
The change log is here.
You can get version 0.2.1 there.

Version 0.2 is out ! Bug fixes (tab initialisation, ...).
You can rename tab titles dynamically, each terminal can have its own backgroound images and support for png and jpeg images has been added. See the change log for more.
Get version 0.2 here !!

Version 0.1 is finally out ! Many bug fixes (terminal closed, works on Solaris and FreeBSD, ...). You can now use a configuration file at startup to set up the various resources of each terminal (notebook title, shading, tint can be set, ...), I also start to write a man page. You can download it here, and see the Changelog here.
Next release will be 0.2, next year.

Version 0.0.5 is finally out ! This is mainly a bug fix release with a few new features (short-cut to add a term, notebook title can be set, ...). Download it here, the Changelog is here.
Next release will be 0.1.

The next version, 0.0.5, will be out at the end of august or at beginning of september. I will fix the TERM env bug and a few others, and a configuration file could be used to customized each term.
Do not hesitate to report bugs !

Version 0.0.4 of materm is available. This is a bug-fix release. ChangeLog is here.

I've rebuild the site, there is an english and french version now.
Version 0.0.3 of materm is available.

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