A light-weight, customisable and functional tool for monitoring UNIX-powered machines.

Project News

More detailed information about the development process can be found here.

What ?

Currently in its early stages of development, working only under OpenBSD and FreeBSD systems, the idea behind Machmon is to provide a complete and configurable tool that can display pre-selected (or on-the-run) information about many machines over a network, following the style CLIENT/SERVER, without compromising network security by using crypto to transfer relevant information. And be also capable of taking decisions or warning the administrator if a determined scenario is found cognitively. Be sure to check the project page and the CVS repository.

Why ?

The reason which makes Machmon is a lack of complete and well-designed free monitoring tools for the UNIX world. The goal is to fill that gap, being portable but also capable of suiting the necessities and details of each operating system Machmon supports. So, be patient if it doesn't run on your OS right now.

Who ?

Machmon is developed by a mortal Computer Engineering student at PUC-Rio named Pedro Bastos and Jefferson Chechinel.


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