Libra is a general library for Ada '95 under Unix-like operating systems. It should work without modification under other operating systems, but GNU/Linux and FreeBSD are the main targets at the moment. I would be pleased to hear what peoples experiences are about trying to build or use Libra under other operating systems (Unix-like or otherwise).

Libra currently provides some basic data structures (singley and doubley linked lists, binary search trees, queues...), and abstractions for NNTP and SMTP commands.

The cvs tree for libra can bew viewed at


The latest version is libra 0.2.0, which was released on 2002-04-07. You can download it here:

You no longer need AdaSockets to build this, the networking functions have been ported to GNAT.Sockets, this does mean that you need GNAT 3.14p or greater to build it though.


Libra currently provides abstractions for NNTP and SMTP, Single and Doubley linked lists, binary search trees, AVL balanced binary search trees, queues, dequeues, heaps and stacks,

To Do

The next release will be 0.2.1, and should contain the following changes:

The following features are planned:

As usual, things may slip, but I'm hopeful...

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Aidan Skinner