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Artificial Neural Network Library

Artificial Neural Networks are used in many systems these days. They have applications in Speech Recognition, OCR, robotics and even share stock forecasting. Libann allows you to create and use Neural Nets without getting bogged down in the details of the implementation.

The library is written objectively using the C++ Standard Template Library. If your C++ project needs a Neural Net, then this library is for you.


  • Libann is being actively maintained.
  • It works in real applications. The main distribution comes with working demonstration programs. By design, the examples are somewhat naive. They are short, simple programs which demonstrate the essential features of the library.
  • Libann has user documentation.
  • Libann is Free Software

Eventually, Libann will support all kinds of Neural Net, including ARTs and more. Currently it has a Multi-Layer Perceptron network, Kohonen network a Boltzmann machine and a Hopfield network. Please note that Libann is work in progress. As such, I'll make no guarantee that the interface will not change between versions.

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Last Updated 15-May-2003