Libaffa - C++ Affine Arithmetic Library for GNU/Linux

Libaffa is a C++ Affine Arithmetic library for GNU/Linux. Affine Arithmetic is a model proposed by Stolfi and Comba in the early 90's for numerical calculation. Unlike Interval Arithmetic, it keeps track of correlations between computed and input quantities, and is therefore resistant to the explosion error observed in long interval computations.

Olivier Gay, DI-EPFL

David Coeurjolly, LIRIS-CNRS

Nathan J. Hurst


Download the latest version of the library:


Documentation (in French):


You can also find usefull information on affine arithmetic in the Jorge Stofi's webpages.

CVS Access

You can also check out the very latest version via anonymous cvs. Here's how:

 cvs login
     (simply press enter when prompted for a password)
 cvs -z3 co libaffa

Once you have it checked out, you can update it with cvs update.

You can also browse the CVS Repository:



Libaffa is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Contact Information

If you have a problem, or have found a bug, please send a note to Olivier Gay, David Coeurjolly or Nathan J. Hurst

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