KPortage is a graphical frontend for emerge, the principal tool in the Gentoo Linux Portage advanced package management system.

01 Jul 2003: KPortage needs you!
As you can see, the last 4 months there was no developement at KPortage. Hannes left the team and i had no time to invest in further development. In my opinion Kportage needs some large changes, however as said, no time to do it. So, if you are interested in a better KPrtage, you are invited to do it it with own forces ;) if you are interested please mail to: kportage-dev

08 Feb 2003: KPortage-0.6.1 released
KPortage-0.6.1 is a bugfix release:
-lots of config issues are solved (AUTOCLEAN, DEBUGBUILD)
-implemented PORT_LOGDIR, buildpkg and distcc FEATURES
-fixed freezing after merge/unmerge

15 Dec 2002: KPortage-0.6 released
In KPortage-0.6 we implemented a few cool features:
- Masking and portage config is read directly from portage with embedded python
- Caching for the portage tree
- Masking now also recognizes keywords

01 Dec 2002: cvs ebuild available
Download kportage-5.ebuild, put it into PORTDIR_OVERLAY and emerge kportage.

15 Nov 2002: keyword based masking support
KPortage now uses python code to find keyword masked packages.

03 Nov 2002: KPortage-0.5.1 released
We released today KPortage-0.5.1.

Mail to: <kportage-dev at>

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