a KDE-based HTML image map editor.

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KImageMapEditor is a tool for Linux/KDE that allows you to edit image maps of HTML files.
It can be fully integrated with Quanta since it is based on KPart technology.


Tuesday 18 November 2003 : Version 1.0.1 released, fixes the RPATH problem, which is only relevant for the Debian package. If you already use version 1.0 you don't need to upgrade.


The Mainwindow
Editing the coordinates of a polygon
Opening an HTML file


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.


There are now two different versions of every KImageMapEditor version.
One for KDE2 and one for KDE3. All versions below 0.9.5 are KDE2 versions.
All newer versions exists for KDE2 and KDE3. I haven't tested version 1.0xx with KDE2, but it should work. If you have problems, please write an email to me.

KDE 3.x >= 3.0 and QT 3.x.x >= 3.0.3 libraries and include files are needed for :

KDE 2.x >= 2.1 and QT 2.x.x >= 2.2.2 libraries and include files are needed for : Notice that the KDE2 versions could not be compiled with KDE3 !


Stable - KDE 3

Version Source code Binary
1.0.1 kimagemapeditor-1.0.1.tar.bz2
1.0 kimagemapeditor-1.0.tar.bz2
1.0b3 kimagemapeditor-1.0b3.tar.bz2
1.0b2 kimagemapeditor-1.0b2.tar.bz2
1.0b kimagemapeditor-1.0b.tar.bz2 kimagemapeditor-
0.9.5-kde3 kimagemapeditor-0.9.5-KDE3.tar.gz

Stable - KDE 2

Version Source code Binary kimagemapeditor- kimagemapeditor-
0.9.5-KDE2 kimagemapeditor-0.9.5-KDE2.tar.gz
0.9.4 kimagemapeditor-0.9.4.tar.gz
0.9.3 kimagemapeditor-0.9.3.tar.gz
0.9.2 kimagemapeditor-0.9.2.tar.gz
0.9.1 kimagemapeditor-0.9.1.tar.gz
0.9 kimagemapeditor-0.9.tar.gz

Development ( CVS )

Anonymous CVS instructions

Change Log


  • Bug fixes :
    • Fixed the RPATH bug that prevents the creation of a Debian package. If you already use version 1.0, you don't need to upgrade.


  • New features :
    • French translation - Thanks to Germain Chazot
      • KImageMapEditor is now translated to 4 languages :
        German, spanish, french and dutch !
    • Improved session management
    • Made it possible to start with the last opened document
    • The ImageMapChooseDialog is only shown, if there are more then one map to choose.
  • Bug fixes :
    • Fixed the bug that prevents from dropping html or image files
    • Fixed another compilation problem
    • The area preview image size can now be changed by the properties dialog
    • The highlight and show alt tag settings are now saved when used within Quanta.


  • New features :
    • Added dutch translation - Thanks to Fabrice Mous
  • Bug fixes :
    • added namespace to cout : std::cout to solve the compilation problem under Mandrake
    • saveAs works now
    • made the KPart readwrite only to work within Quanta correctly


  • Bug fixes :
    • Opening of an image over the toolbar or the menu entry file->open add the image now correctly to the image list.
    • The command line option --stdout works again.


Note : Because of various internal modifications, this is intended to be a beta release. So it's possible that KImageMapEditor may crash and/or the content of the currently editing html file could be corrupted or be lost at all. KImageMapEditor therefor creates a backup file everytime you save an html file. It ends with a ~. Please only delete this file if you are sure that the original file isn't corrupted.
  • New features :
    • Converted the program to the KPart architecture, it can now be used as an imagemap viewer plugin in Konqueror or as an edit plugin in Quanta.
    • It's now possible to really edit a html file instead of creating always a new one with only one imagemap.
    • Added a listview of all imagemaps of the current editing html files. It's now possible to switch between the different maps, to delete maps and to add new maps to the html file.
    • Added a listview of all images that are contained in the current html file. It's now possible to switch between these images.
    • Spanish translation - Thanks to Antonio Crevillén
  • Bug fixes :
    • When KImageMapEditor was not properly installed with make install and the required image files couldn't be found, KImageMapEditor now shows an error message and exit(1) instead of crashing.

  • Compiling problems fixed :
    • Make dist works now - Thanks to Joerg Jaspert
    • --enable-final works now - Thanks to Aaron Seigo and Michael


  • New features :
    • Tool for adding and removing points to/from a polygon with the mouse
    • Freehand tool for drawing polygons
    • German translation
    • More zoom modes
  • Bugfixes :
    • Some undo bugs which results in a crash -> fixed
    • When switching from non-highlight mode to highlight mode the areas weren't highlighted correctly -> fixed
    • Crash when moving an area outside the drawing zone -> fixed


  • New features :
    • Areas can be highlighted
    • Alt. text can be shown
    • PHP-files can be read
    • Property dialog extended
    • New action : close file


  • New features :
    • Multiselection
    • Keyboard can be used better
    • New mouse cursors
    • New Action : delete
    • and other new Actions


  • New features :
    • Undo / Redo for almost all actions
    • Middle mouse click opens the properties dialog
    • Possiblity of enable / disable the default area
  • Bugfixes :
    • It's now possible to save to a file without an *.html,*.htm extension
    • Creating a rectangle with a negative size ( and a following crash ) is no longer possible.


  • New features :
    • Better way of editing the area coordinates manually
    • Possibility of adding and removing points to a polygon
    • Cursor shape changes to indicate moving or resizing
    • Circle drawing is now perfekt
    • Possibility of changing the order of the areas

  • Bugfixes :
    • When saving to an HTML file the ending tag is no longer missing.
    • When adding an area and pressing cancel the area will not be added.
    • Restoring the window size works now


  • First release !

Compilation and Installation

In order to compile KImageMapEditor follow the steps below :
  1. Download the tar.bz2 file.
  2. Now consider using Kconfigure for very easy installing, or open a console and follow the other steps
  3. Extract it :

    gzip -dc kimagemapeditor-1.0.tar.bz2 | tar -xvf -
    cd kimagemapeditor-1.0

  4. Compile it :


    At this point there could have been occured errors .
    If you know you have KDE >= v3.0 and QT >= v3.0.3 installed then
    perhaps the paths are not set correctly .

    Try to run configure with the parameters

    --prefix=[your KDE 3.0 path] , for SuSE e.g :

    ./configure --prefix=/opt/kde3

    for RedHat and Mandrake try :

    ./configure --prefix=/usr

    --with-qt-dir=[your QT 3.0.3 path] , e.g :

    ./configure --with-qt-dir=/usr/lib/qt3

    If you want to compile a KDE2 version make sure you have not installed autoconf 2.50 or newer !
    You need autoconf 2.13 to compile the KDE2 version. You can download autoconf 2.13 at


  5. Install it :

    make install

  6. Run it :


Public Forum

Forum at SourceForge


If you have found a bug, have ideas to improve the program or have any question, feel free to write an email to me :
Jan Schäfer ( )

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