Welcome to the KHamlog Homepage!


KHamlog is an amateur radio logging program for Qt/KDE on Linux. I am writing it as an exercise in
KDE/Qt programming, but I will do my best to ensure it's reliability. When using it, please consider
it as pre-beta software, and keep backups of your log files etc, just in case something odd happens.

Anyway, I hope it will improve as I get to spend more time on it, and that it may get to be more
useful in time. Please feel free to email me patches, suggestions, or bug reports as you see fit!

I hope this small program may be of use.

Also, I apologise for the dullness of this website. At the moment, I find coding far more interesting
than HTML authoring! :)

David Pye M1BZU.

Email: davidmpye@talk21.com

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