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Jugtail - Gopher search tool

What is Jugtail?

Jugtail is a command line Gopher menu search engine and display tool. You can learn what Gopher is by browsing this Gopher site, for which a web interface is also available:

The author of Jugtail is Rhett "Jonzy" Jones, who has decided to release his popular tool under the GPL license.

For existing trademark issues on the previous name of this software, the program has been renamed to Jugtail, which is a slightly modified version of the original, more suited for running on most modern Unix-like (POSIX) systems. These modifications have been made by Claudio Fontana.

Project information

The Jugtail project is hosted by Savannah, and you can reach further information about project development at the Savannah jugtail project page [] .


Jugtail is released under the GNU GPL version 2.
You can find all information about the GPL in the COPYING file included in the packages, or from the GNU web site at the following address: .

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