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Welcome on the JPKG development site...

JPKG is a software administration program for Unices. It is intended to fetch, configure, build and install software on an Unix box automatically.

Why a new "package management" tool?

A wide number of software administration tools currently exist: package managers, the BSD ports system, GNU Stow and so on. They all have very interesting features that I want to implement in JPKG.
JPKG is designed to allow full build and maintenance In very few words, what will do this tool:

  • Install, uninstall, move through directories and partitions software, fully secured by complete virtualization and logging.
  • Install or upgrade sofware alone, fetching, compiling with correct options, using a single and simple configuration file.
  • Manage dependancies between sofware (programs or libraries etc.)
  • Manage optionnal dependencies between software. For example, some graphic formats support may not be required in graphic libraries, or some special compilation options may be interesting for dedicated CPU architecture
  • Manage concurrent versions of software, such as libraries, compilers , etc. This management will include mechanisms to facilitate usage of "alternative" programs.
  • Manage the database of all installed files, allowing to get detailed information on installed software, and verify files integrity...