An easy to use set of functions and types to manage strings, arrays ecc. and to make the life of the coder easier.

Currently implemented parts:
jfllist := A generic linked list which works with every kind of variable
jfstring := A self expanding string type with many manipulation functions.
jfvector := A dynamic array which expands itself as you add members. It works without any help for static types and for dynamic things it let's you define your own constructor/destructor functions and it uses them.
jfmap := An associative array with autodeletion methods
jfmd5 := Fast and easy MD5 hash calculation
jfexcp := Nonstack portable simple structured exceptions
jfnew/delete/resize := A set of memory managment functions which could also trace freeing problems and memory leaks for you if compiled with MEMTRACE defined.

Currently there isn't an official release of the library, but you can download them from the CVS at savannah