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What is Jari?

Jari is an Operating System developed for innovations in mind, targetting to the researching we're improved an old and better UNIX philosophy "All is file" and extend it, on our OS all is file begging from the directory (point in the Jari) ending things like a node or IPC port.
We're don't improving the exchange of the OSes or other dominating, we're just research and implementing new ideas for the better cluster solutions, filesystems, userspace organization, etc ...
Our OS includes (will be includes) a set of the varios things such as kernel, drivers servers, networking servers, libc, posix support like a module with libs, programmers editor, C compiler, Lisp compiler, GIX (Graphical Server 9), varios utils etc ...
Look out for this document here - Introduction

Status of the development.

Now we're have an active development stage, some things are works now, but not at all. But it mean that you can join to our development team now! Start the improving innovations!

Getting more information.

Please contact Alfeiks KaƤnoken(Technical Team Lead of the Jari R&D Team) for more imformation by the email akaanoken at gmail.com or by jabber tirra@njs.netlab.cz