IDEDOS project page

Welcome to the home of the IDE Disk Operating System for the IDE64 cartridge!


The most recent homepage can be found at


Custom IDEDOS download web page (2005.Sep.17, does not work on this server, try home)
Custom IDEDOS download web page (2005.Sep.03, does not work on this server, try home)
Custom download page for all cases, use this.
IDEDOS 0.9x peroms (jiffydos+ppclink) (2005.Sep.17)
Precompiled version with default options, for quick download.
If you experience "Setup ram error" after reverting to IDEDOS 0.89x please remove the battery until the CMOS is erased!
IDEDOS 0.9x utils only (2005.Sep.17)
Contains CFSfdisk, CFSfsck, Perom programmer 1.2, CD player sample v2, and a plugin config sample program.
IDEDOS 0.9x source
For Linux use the tar.bz2, for win32 the rar version.
IDEserv 0.19c for pclink (source and win32 binary included)
XPCLink, PPCLink, SPCLink server. The win32 binary is compiled for parallel pclink, or serial only.
64Tass assembler
Required for IDEDOS compilation. Linux source version. The win32 binary is included with the IDEDOS 0.9x source.


IDE64 interface cartridge user's guide (pdf 2005.Sep.17)
The almost finished user's guide for IDEDOS 0.9x.
CFS 0.02 filesystem
Old filesystem layout used in IDEDOS 0.89x and earlier versions
CFS 0.11 filesystem
The current filesystem layout used for IDEDOS 0.9x


The IDE64 Project site
The IDE64 interface cartridge for C64/C128
IDE64 Information Portal
News from the world of Commodore 64
C64/C128 emulated environment for various platforms. Use 1.13 or later for IDEDOS 0.9x.
IDE64 warez site
IDE64 (fixed) programs archive.
IDE64 archive
IDE64 archive.
IDE64 mailinglist
The IDE64 mailinglist
C64/C128 I/O performances
Some performance results of various devices
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