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Welcome to the website of Nixal - the GNU/Linux user group of Netaji Subhash Engineering College (NSEC). Nixal was inaugurated by Mr. Richard M. Stallman on 19th February 2003. The group was formed to learn about and contribute to GNU/Linux and spread the message of free software movement.

Location wise Nixal is in Calcutta, India. ( Calcutta is now known as Kolkata! )

We are grateful to FSF for providing us with this web space in their server. We express our gratitude and thanks to Mr. Richard M. Stallman and Mr. John Paul Wallington. Without their support and help this website would never have been possible.

Nixal was formed by the students of the 2003 batch of our college. This group is basically the brainchild of Mr. Asis Biswas, a student of the same batch from Computer Science & Engineering department.

Right now we are some students of NSEC. We happen to have a small lab set up and a few computers dedicated for our use at a lab at first floor of our college. We plan to meet at least once every month at the Nixal lab, and hold seminars occasionally. Though we started as a small group, we are growing nicely! (And trust me, people are getting used to listning to GNU/Linux related discussions in our college! Amazing, huh?). We enjoy support at the lab from some of our very enthusiastic teachers.

You don't have to be a student of our college, if you think, sleep, eat, laugh, cry, love GNU/Linux, or even want to - do join us. If you want to become a member of our group you can directly subscribe to the mailing list given below. If you are or were a student of NSEC then you can also contact us directly. Please check out the members' page for information on coordinators and ask them for a membership (it's no big deal!). Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Like all other Calcuttans (or Kolkatans) we think a GNU/Linux user group from Calcutta cannot be compete without a small page on our big city. So we have included a documentary in our website. Check here.

Mailing List :

Please replace all (at) with @ and ignore any spaces. This is for preventing spam mails.

We have a mailing list. To subscribe to the mailing list just send a mail to
nixalcal-subscribe (at) yahoogroups.com

You can also subscribe from the http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nixalcal web interface.
There are other facilities in the mailing list like sharing files, pictures, databases etc.
Details are available at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nixalcal

Please send us your comments, suggestions or queries. A mail from you would bring us immensely good feelings!

Contact Informations :

Please replace all (at) with @ and ignore any spaces. This is for preventing spam mails.

Email  : nixalcal (at) yahoo.com

Address :
c/o Netaji Subhash Engineering College
Kolkata - 700084

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Last Updated on 20 April, 2005